Spring 2008, Math 120

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This is the original assignment:

Project: You will also investigate, write about, and present your findings on the K-7 Mathematics standards promulgated by the California Department of Education.

Background material:
--Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (2005)
--Academic Content Standards (Mathematics), Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve

--The California K-7 Content Standards for Mathematics contain five "strands," or topics. In each year, there are standards for Number Sense (NS); Measurement and Geometry (MG); Algebra and Functions (AF); Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability (SDP); and Mathematical Reasoning (MR).
--After the 7th grade, California's Content Standards are divided into subject areas, such as Algebra I or Geometry.

Project Overview:
--During the K-7 years, the Content Standards for each year become more numerous and more complex, ranging from a total of 18 separate Standards for Kindergarten to 55 Standards for Grade 7.
--Presumably, each year's Standards build on the requirements that were to have been met the year before.
--It should therefore be possible to trace the evolution of any given Standard, both forward and backward in time, to show, for example, how a given Number Sense Standard is an outgrowth of Standards met in earlier years and how it forms the foundation on which specific future Standards will be based.
--The goal of this project is to create a "tree diagram/ flow chart/ time line" that traces each specific Content Standard from its introduction in Kindergarten through to its descendant in the 7th Grade, and also provides a path for every 7th Grade Standard back to its Kindergarten ancestor.

--The class will be divided into two-person teams, each of which will be assigned a set of Standards, identified by year, strand, and number.
-- Team members will become familiar with the meaning of each Standard in its assignment, and will be able to identify its immediate predecessor from the prior year's Standards and its immediate descendant into the next year's Standards.
--Teams will work outside of class to prepare for classtime meetings to assess progress and to coordinate results.
--Ultimately, teams will assemble a physical representation of the total evolutionary path of the Standards, from Kindergarten through Grade Seven.

Team Assignments:
--Team 1: K-2, NS & AF.
--Team 2: 3-5, NS & AF.
--Team 3: 6-7, NS & AF.
--Team 4: K-2, MG & SP.
--Team 5: 3-5, MG & SP.
--Team 6: 6-7, MG & SP.

Work Product:
--Oral Presentation/Chart
--Written Report